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Digital Replica

an AI manufacturing platform for production
process modeling and optimization

The Digital Replica continuously analyzes the thousands of interrelated factors that shape production processes, identifies hidden relationships and trends that hamper quality and productivity, predicts errors long before they happen and allows operators, engineers, and managers to steer their production processes toward any desired outcome, including optimized yield or reduced environmental footprint.

Process Navigation

Process Navigation

Deep Process Investigation, Monitoring and Predictive Capabilities

Halo Digital uses AI/ML capabilities to perform deep monitoring of the manufacturing process and explore complex relationships between all the factors shaping the production process.

Smart Cyber Security Using Anomaly Detection

Smart Cyber Security Using Anomaly Detection

Today’s manufacturing comprises highly complex processes, involving hundreds, even thousands, of interrelated factors. This gives Halo a rich source of information to study and analyze. We focus on the processes or products and whether they were compromised rather than how the system got penetrated.

Halo’s Cyber Anomaly Detector:

  • End-to-end process monitoring

  • Predictions and alerts on anomalies

  • Investigation of complex relationships between parameters.

  • Role-Back ability to restore the production line to a pre-attack state.

Evolving Learning Cycle

Halo's predictions allow stakeholders to experiment with their processes, and the results are then used by the Digital Replica to further improve the analysis.

This continuous learning cycle lets the system generate better predictions, and actively suggest prescriptions and recommendations for process improvement.

Evolving Learning Cycle

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